After high profile gigs in Serbia featuring in the National News, Australian band Diva Demolition were thrilled to have had their debut, acoustic performance in Zagreb on Tuesday night with the support of Gibson guitars and Zagreb’s “No 1 Music Store”.

The gig launched their new single “Rock the Zombie” and was so successful the band now has a calendar full of intimate gigs around the cafes of Zagreb in the coming month, with drummer Vic Dragicevic joining the girls on Cajon.

The new look line up will be revealed shortly on the bands video blog, “Diva Demolition’s European Adventure”, which is sponsored by Zoom Australia and Music Express in their home town of Brisbane, Australia, and which can be seen on their website at

The band’s new single “Rock The Zombie”, in-keeping with the Diva’s Aussie rock style, is a lighthearted, fun tune about a Zombie Apocalypse where, instead of killing people, the Zombies are dancing around having a wow of a time.

The Rock The Zombie Music Video is now on YouTube and captures footage of a new phenomenon in Australia called The Zombie Walk. This event attracts over 20,000 people dressing as zombies, walking through the streets in the capital cities, and ending up with the Zombies Rocking at a massive party.

“Rock the Zombie” by Diva Demolition is now available at all good online music stores, including iTunes, Spotify, JB Hifi and more