Supercharge (AKA Mik Newton) (born May 19th 1975), is a British music producer, DJ and founder of Purple Worm Records based in Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK.

In 2000, Supercharge (born Mik Newton) defined a whole new style of music known as “Meta-genre-fusion”. A million miles away from the dominant live Indie scene or jump-up, dance floor filling Drum n Bass of its day, it was a mood rich and visually suggestive series of carefully sequenced instrumentals, built almost entirely from live recorded Indie guitar, old-school hip hop and funk samples, pulled from his personal vinyl emporium and matched with sequenced samples and beats. Supercharge audaciously stretched the parameters of Indie/Dance, introducing it to an audience with little or no previous experience of the genre.

Supercharge grew up in the town of Killingworth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Fascinated with all genres of music from an early age, by 1996 he took up a DJ residency in Hull, playing to capacity audiences. He continued to entertain party-goers with his unique blend of Dub, Funk, Breaks and Beats until around 2000. When, after playing all the major venues in Hull and after the Birth of his first son, he decided to take a break from DJing to concentrate on producing his own work and that of local bands.

After setting up the globally successful record label Purple Worm Records, he’s back in the DJ fold. As much as he loves Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Funk and Drum’n’Bass tunes from the last 30 or so years, he loves the spirit of that music more than he loves any particular combination of notes or style of playing or posturing.

“My aim in life is not to try to successfully duplicate a classic 90s Drum n Bass track, or a late 60s psychedelic tune,” he explains. “It’s to incorporate elements of all sorts into something hopefully new and innovative.”

Flash forward to the release of his new works, “This is my homage to all those unheralded musicians in Hull, who produced their own output and presented it earnestly to an often indifferent public.” With his next album in the works we can expect a whole new twist. After all, Supercharge is on record as saying that “my philosophy is to make every release different from the last.”

He has made his presence once again known. Expect big things in the future………….

The Single ‘Go On Build It Up!’ is available to buy now through all major online stores…!-single/id889888744

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