Cozi Zuehlsdorff, star of the Dolphin Tale movies and a gifted singer/songwriter, has something to say.Just in time for the holidays, Cozi is releasing her New Single and Video “Handpainted (Brennley’s Song),” which deals with the important issues of beauty and value in our society today.

But her message strikes a different chord.

Cozi started writing Brennley’s Song after a late-night dinner with her friend. “I had learned that Brenn was feeling self-conscious about her appearance,” she says. “I knew that a pep talk about aesthetic beauty wasn’t what she needed; rather, the message she, and perhaps the world, for that matter, needs to hear is much deeper. It’s about beauty—but not the kind you think. Skin-deep beauty is inconsequential. It’s relative. And it’s so very, very fragile.”

The video on her VEVO Channel brings the beautiful message of the song to life. This is her first time co-directing and producing her own video, so it’s literally “Handpainted” in every way. The song was produced by Eric Berdon and mixed by Grammy Award winner Craig Bauer.

“The true beauty glowing from all of us is this: we are created by God. How incredible is that?” Zuehlsdorff continues. “God thought each one of us up, designed us, and spoke life into us. Our height, our skin, our teeth, our hair—these were sketched by the living God. To be unhappy with ourselves is to shield our eyes from the glory pumping through our veins… the drums pounding out the soundtrack of our lives: imago Dei, imago Dei, imago Dei. We are created. We are loved. We are just as we should be.”

“God doesn’t only want to see us when we’re ‘all dressed up’… He wants us all the time, on our good days, our bad days, our ugly days. He accepts us, the children He MADE. And if we don’t have to be ‘all dressed up’ for God, we certainly don’t need to be ‘all dressed up’ for ourselves… or others.”

Zuehlsdorff’s message of self-acceptance is hugely impactful with her fans as well as everyone tired of trying to compete with others. “The minute we accept God’s blueprint of our own bodies, we can accept his blueprints of others.”

Zuehlsdorff wrote and performed the song “Brave Souls” (co-written by producer Eric Berdon) for the end credits of Dolphin Tale 2, starring with Harry Connick, Jr., Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, when she was only 15 years old. She went on to release her first EP entitled “Originals” currently available on iTunes. She also co-wrote and performs the extremely popular EDM single “The Girl” with producer Hellberg.

“Handpainted (Brennley’s Song)” is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and others, and the video on VEVO.

“It’s not about being beautiful—it’s about being glorious,” Cozi says. “It’s not about perfection—it’s about design. Let’s live like we’re handpainted… because we are!

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