Double A.B. & Git Beats have released their new video for the track titled ‘Sashimi’. Suave like Muave yet calm like a bomb that went off in your ass, ‘Sashimi’ brings the jive alive with pristine panache in a way that doesn’t even need an announcement. Heads turn when it opens the door.

Lyrically luscious, this song fits with the finest poets and smoothest beats. What can I say; this is music and poetry collided.

About ‘Sashimi’

Fresh off his album Devils & Drugs, Double A.B. teams up with veteran producer Git Beats to deliver Sashimi, a Boom Bap ode to to the art of remaining raw. A.B.’s gritty wordplay over Git‘s smooth musical backdrop makes it the perfect anthem for Raw Like Sushi, NYC’s premiere all vinyl playing, sushi-serving speakeasy known for its celebrity clientele such as Kate Moss, Anderson, Paak and G-Eazy. Sashimi is the first single from Double A.B. & Git Beats‘ upcoming album, Lungs Of Mahalia.

About ‘Devils & Drugs’

New York’s conceptual rap veteran Double A.B. returns with Devils & Drugs, a new album soaked in classic New York grit with conceptual wordplay abounding. Known for his collaborations with artists such as Roc Marciano, Sean Price and Cannibal Ox, A.B. shows he keep pace with the greats as the album showcases him lamenting fallen friends and appeasing his own inner demons in the same breath. The album features appearances from Napoleon Da Legend and Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots amongst others.