Dream Dali have today released their new and debut album titled ‘Letters From The Light’. An ocean of soundscapes and lucid dreams of introverted entertainment, Dream Dali gives a pop magnum opus wrought with that certain kind of vividness that only comes from the minds of true geniuses.

I suggest that you play this album from track one and just let it go on the journey intended. You can feel the energy and mindset the hearts of the musicians were in when this was given birth to. Spanning the gamut of human emotion trailing into the limitlessness of existence, ‘Letters From The Light’ will meld and mold into chapters of your next beautiful experiences.

About Dream Dali

Dream Dali have opened the gates to purgatory with their three latest trance-inducing singles: ‘Rosary’, ‘Wicked Sunday’ and ‘Wandering’. Following their performance at BIGSOUND festival in 2019, Dream Dali have released their debut EP and have seen support from notable media outlets Pilerats, Tone Deaf, Music Feeds, Livewire and AAA Backstage, building anticipation for this dynamic and refined debut album.

‘Letters From The Light’ features Dream Dali’s latest releases and the reverb-drenched guitars, modulated synths and atmospheric percussion that comes along with them. The opening track, ‘Let Love In’, explores the elusive and mysterious nature of love and investigates the deeper elements that underpin it. The lagging fluid drums and guitars are paired with smooth, rising vocals leaving room for ethereal synth leads.

The following tracks ‘Rosary’ and ‘Wandering’ pick up the pace of the album with the darkwave 80s sound that Dream Dali is characterised by. These tracks incorporate retro drums and a shoegazed atmosphere to explore thoughts hidden in one’s subconscious whilst stuck in a back alley club or a shipping container somewhere in the outskirts of the city.

‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘I Haven’t Slept’ explore feelings of distrust and question the words of a reassuring lover, asking yourself; is this help or are these empty words of self-righteousness and obliviousness?

Moving forward, ‘She Wants’, ‘Without A Soul’ and ‘Caught Beneath’ portray the feelings of heartbreak after the end of a relationship where everything you had was given. The pieces are on the floor, and the hazy gaze blinds your vision, but you give everything you can–this is the feeling encapsulated in ‘Letters From The Light’. The album ends with Dream Dali’s well-received single ‘Wicked Sunday’, and a final atmospheric darkwave experience, ‘Being Or Becoming’.

‘Being or Becoming’ experiments with various synth sounds and modulated guitars to create a menacing, yet trance-inducing atmosphere that explores the question: are we in the moment, or are we waiting for when we are? Each instalment of ‘Letters From The Light’ dives into the subconscious whilst creating music free of creative restrictions. This artistic purism is devoid of the fear of judgement and truthfully explores coming to terms with your own values and beliefs.

Delving into the dire undertones of their dreamy debut album, Aldous Emerson provides us with their synopsis on ‘Letters From The Light’:

“This album is a cumulative effort of passion from over five years of work. Whilst some of the songs have been created within the last year in an impulsive and instinctive manner, this album represents the essence of Dream Dali and what we have worked towards conceptually within the last few years.

The songs on this album represent a deep dive and exploration into the subconscious and at the same time experimenting with the impulsive and instinctual nature of creative freedom without judgement.

‘Letters From The Light’ can be a book, a thought, a hope, a sudden sadness, bit overall a genuine attempt at real feelings and expression”

Building momentum with each release, Dream Dali has dazed heads at Music Feeds, Tone Deaf, Pilerats, Aus Music Scene and Australian Musician. Their atmospheric marches have been played on domestic and international community broadcasts such as 4ZZZ, 2SER, idobi Anthem (US), The Most (NZ) and many more.