Dressy Bessy has today released their new single titled ‘Hear Me Out’ from the new compilation ‘So Many Things at Once’. Originally a song recorded in 2007, the track gets a fresh coat of paint from a resurrected Dressy Bessy for a new climate in an ever changing world with a realization that good music is truly timeless. This is a song that stands up as much as it stands out both musically and lyrically.

Dressy Bessy have always been a band that speaks their mind and minds what they speak. ‘Hear Me Out’ is a loud fist in the face of the establishment with that mind for the masses and their finger on the pulse of the world.

This song was originally written by Tammy Ealom in 2007. Inspired by the backwards hate speech surrounding American politics in the lead up to the 2008 US presidential election. Revisited and recorded in January 2024 specifically for this compilation. Produced & mixed by Tammy Ealom. The bass track, taken from a 2008 demo recording, performed by original Dressy Bessy bass player, the late, great Rob Greene.
Tammy Ealom

About Dressy Bessy & ‘So Many Things at Once’

Hilarie Sidney and Per Ole Bratset of the High Water Marks and of 6612 Tapes decided to put together a compilation cassette to help raise funds for Justice Democrats.

2024 is a big election year in the US, and it looks like democracy hangs in the balance. There is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, a two year old war in Ukraine, women in the US are being stripped of their rights as are the rights of the LGBTQIA community. The list grows bigger and bigger. We are trying to put out the fires as they happen, but the only way to really make a difference is to try to affect real change from the bottom up. We need to move away from the old men in Washington and look to a new colorful future of younger, working class people.

Hilarie is a dual citizen of the US and Norway. Hilarie and her family moved to Norway in 2014 and noticed that American politics affects the entirety of Europe. Donald Trump has emboldened the fascists and has threatened NATO’s very existence. Elon Musk is trying to break up the strong working class/union culture that Europeans built up after WWII, and Corporations are influencing politics all around the world. We wanted so badly to do something, but what? We are so small. With this cassette we are hoping to make a drop in the bucket of change, make people aware of how important democracy and exercising our rights in our country, state and local community is, and that if we all do something, even just a little bit, we can make a huge difference.

For this cassette, we chose bands that we really love, and we are so happy that so many were willing to participate. We wish we could have asked even more, but we had to have a limit. The list was long! The compilation features unreleased cover songs by; Rose Melberg, The Late BP Helium, Honey Radar, Elf Power, and Giant Day. Brand new tracks from The High Water Marks, Mikal Cronin, Dressy Bessy, the Natvral, Tape Olympics, and Fuckleberry Hinn. The Ladybug Transistor is included with a gorgeous live track from their latest tour, and The Garment District and Great Lakes have offered up a remix, and an alternate version of previously released tracks respectively.

The compilation was mastered by the talented Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab. All the music within the cassette has been previously unreleased. The cassette is a limited edition package, Maltese cross cover, eco-friendly packaging with no plastic besides the tape itself. There will be an insert and stickers within, and will be a very fun, creative, and handmade feeling package. The artwork was crafted by Per Ole and laid out by Logan Miller of the High Water Marks and Tape Olympics. The compilation will also be available for purchase on Bandcamp for download. This will not be on the streaming services. The whole point of this endeavor is to raise money and awareness for Justice Democrats.

Justice Democrat’s mission: “We need a Democratic Party that fights for its voters, not big corporate donors. Our goal is to build a mission-driven caucus in Congress by electing more leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman, who will represent our communities in congress and fight for bold, progressive solutions to our current crises.”

Amid their musical pursuits, Hilarie Sidney and Per Ole Bratset of the High Water Marks have embarked on a new endeavor, curating a boutique cassette label (6612 Tapes) that celebrates the DIY ethos of the 1990’s with a beautifully handcrafted aesthetic.