Dude has released their latest album titled ‘Autobiograffitti’. A mix of classic rock and new originality fit for legacy guitar fanatics and timeless hook enthusiasts. Taking that big rock live feeling and condensing that into a studio setting while retaining said live feel is an accomplishment in and of itself but, for some, it’s as easy as making true original music.

“This album, Autobiograffitti is dense! I wrote it that way purposefully! I wanted to take the listener on a sonic journey. Throughout Auto, there are sometimes three themes coming at the listener at once, be in vocal harmonies, guitarmonies, etc. It’s up to our fans to decide which thread they will listen to first. It is my hope that our fans will come back to this album again and again and discover something hidden or new that they’d never heard before in prior listens.

This album is front loaded with lush harmonies from the first to the last track, guitarmonies and Guitar Hero hot licks and last but not least, tender yet dreamy introspective ballads that are sure to reel in any Beach Boys fan! This is most definitely a headphones experience. If I had my way, Mother Earth would have headphones strapped around her icy polar caps extending to the equator (where her imaginary ears are) and hitting a big joint while listening!”
– Tony Muggs

About Dude

DUDE is from Detroit, MI. U.S.A. We are a power pop & rock group that gets our inspiration from the late 60’s & early 70’s bands like The Pretty Things, Todd Rundgren & Big Star. We are a five piece that includes front man, lead singer/songwriter Tony Muggs on Fender Rhodes bass, Stephen Garcia on rhythm/lead guitar & backup vocals, Mike Latcha on lead guitar, Alice Sun on synth & keyboards & Erik Roosen on drums.

Our latest upcoming full-length album is entitled AUTOBIOGRAFFITTI. This album of eleven tracks is interesting and dense in the spectrum of style, pop craft, rock machismo, and textural sensibility. The main songwriter, Tony Muggs tends to write songs from personal experiences. This album has eight pop/rock songs, two dreamy ballads ala bands like The Beach Boys and an alt country & western ditty.

AUTOBIOGRAFFITTI (the album) took six years due to the recording, mixing and producing processes (and COVID). Coinciding with this album, Tony Muggs also wrote the first of two autobiographies entitled AUTOBIOGRAFFITTI (the book) – released on 12.1.2022 – about his life as a stroke survivor, coming of age as a musician on the Detroit music scene, his extraordinary friendship with Danny Muggs, his two months in various hospitals and a rehab center, The Muggs adventures on national TV in 2007 for the American Idol spin off flop, The Next Great American Band and other harrowing stories from his childhood like surviving after a bi-plane crashed in his backyard when he was playing in the yard upon the time of impact. The book is available through Amazon and to learn more about Tony Muggs, how to get his book and DUDE.