EARTHBURNER has arrived! For BROKEN HOPE fans “in the know,” EARTHBURNER is the grindcore entity that BROKEN HOPE’s Jeremy Wagner first created in 2002 when BH was entering its “metal hibernation” period. Now, with the arrival of the New Year we are proud to unveil EARTHBURNER material for the first time!

Additionally, the release comes with the premiere of the brand new video for the track “Total War” which you can check out below:

Regarding EARTHBURNER, Wagner says:
“I’m happy to announce that EARTHBURNER finally has legs and now has material for the whole world to hear and see. I originally planned to make EARTHBURNER a full-time successor to BROKEN HOPE years ago. In fact, I announced it to the masses in 2002, and immediately received positive responses from fans and press-plugs in almost every metal mag available at the time. However, some things in life side-tracked me (like focusing on being a novelist and getting married and moving), and that all caused EARTHBURNER to be put on the ‘back-burner.’

That said, EARTHBURNER was always on my mind…I was still writing and demoing riffs and extreme music that no one had yet heard, and with each passing year, some fans would ask whatever was I going to do with EARTHBURNER (and I yearned to do something to finally answer that question). The fact that anyone was still interested delighted me and also made me anxious to get it going again.

I’m intensely passionate about pure grindcore and had always wanted to a genuine grindcore band that would be a separate monster from BROKEN HOPE in terms of style, genre, tuning, vocals, and pure blasting ferocity. It was my love for bands like TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, NASUM, REPULSION, GENERAL SURGERY, and CRIPPLE BASTARDS who all inspired me for decades and really drove me to do something faithful to this über-extreme genre.

Fast-forward to 2011…a dream came true when my debut novel, “THE ARMAGEDDON CHORD,” was published and became a bestseller that year. That success provided me with the opportunity to pursue more artistic desires. So, I decided to get back into music and concentrate on making EARTHBURNER a real goddamn band. I soon hooked up with drummer, Mike Miczek (who later joined BROKEN HOPE), and vocalist, Ryan Richards (from Chicago grind maniacs, EVERYTHING MUST DIE), and we began writing our asses off. We wrote a dozen songs and later decided to use 3 of them for an official EP (which is released today) and we even did a sick music video for one of the tracks, “TOTAL WAR,” that I feel is a perfect companion to this EP that listeners will dig.

Why did it take a little longer for this EP and video to come out? Well, 2 things happened: 1.) I had to file the name, trademark, and all copyrights to the EARTHBURNER name with lawyers and sit on this material. And, 2.) BROKEN HOPE came back into my life FULL-TIME in 2012, and because of BH, I had little time for anything else—be it writing new books or doing EARTHBURNER.

This EP is just a sample of what to expect from an EARTHBURNER album. Mike Miczek and I have demoed around 15 more songs at my home studio, and we are hoping a legit record label will sign us on so that EARTHBURNER can record and release a FULL-LENGTH album this year. We already have tons of songs ready to go—we just need a label home to put it out. Until then, enjoy this new EARTHBURNER EP and VIDEO, and cheers to you all!”