The rock band Edisun is very pleased to announce that their song “While the World’s Asleep” has been chosen as a “world song of peace,” to help raise awareness to the dire plight of the ‪#‎Yazidi‬ people. It is a true honor for us as a band to help spread world peace through the power of music.

The Yazidi have been subject to ethnic cleansing: genocide at the hands of ‪#‎Isis‬ . Every day their men are being murdered, and their women kidnapped and brutally and repeatedly raped.

We want to let people know before its too late. It is our deepest hope that the ‪#‎Yazidis‬ find relief from this awful situation.

Edisun is a alternative rock band. they got their start playing for american troops touring in places no band should ever have to play, the desserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. We finally got our first record out on EMI in 2011, broke Billboard Top 40 and Top 50 with #Medicate, and #Wide Awake. We are now preparing to release our second record, and continue touring the world wherever we have fans and people #ReadytoBelieve in the power of music to make a difference.

Tour dates are expected to run through the end of 2014 with a full radio, social media, and promotional campaign propelling the band well into 2015.