Eighty Ninety has today released their new track titled ‘Snowflakes In Your Hair’. Some may say that this is a holiday song for introverts, or that the song itself is simply an inner feeling for a retrospective heart, but, what you will probably get from this, is a subtle sense of home and longing for that someone who made, or hopefully, makes a difference in your life and made that for the better.

Snowflakes are that rare beauty that lives for just a fleeting moment. Each have an individuality and presence all their own. Each have their moment to shine, whether you notice them or not. But each one can say they were here. And so are you.

“We wanted to give our fans something extra, a thank you for the incredible way they’ve embraced our music this year,” the duo write. “’Snowflakes in Your Hair’ is about the experience of spending the holidays alone, and we tried to capture the mix of nostalgia and solitude that comes with it. We like snowflakes as a metaphor for the unique and fleeting nature of experiences and relationships: just like every snowflake is different and melts away, the moments and people in our lives leave a lasting impact on who we are even after they’re gone. It’s a symbol of both the beauty and transience of life’s encounters…it’s also just a Christmas song!”

About Eighty Ninety

On the heels of their debut album release, Eighty Ninety – the indie-pop project of NYC-based brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James – give their fans one final gift for the year with the release of their new original holiday song, “Snowflakes in Your Hair.”

“Snowflakes in Your Hair” is the cherry on top of a banner year for the New York City-based duo. On December 15th, Eighty Ninety released their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album. Fusing intimate storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalist pop productions built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, their debut LP showcases the very best of their signature sound.