1. Up All Night Elephant in the Room 3:22

Elephant in the Room is an electronic/soul/pop duo comprised of Ireland natives Marty Mullally and Keenan Copas. The group has worked with a number of artists as ghostwriters and producers, most notably Josh Gray, cowriting and producing his track ‘Come Home’, which has reached over 370,000 streams on Spotify. After college they moved to New York City, where they’ve finalised the sound we hear in their first single, ‘Do You See Me Now?’

Since then the duo has been working on a range of sounds that you can hear through their follow up single ‘Movie Stars’, which is a heavier R&B approach to electronic pop. Turning to a more heartfelt and honest track they released ‘Hollywood Hills’, which touches on the struggles they both experienced moving to the US and the reality of uprooting their lives in Ireland to pursue a career there.

SOURCE: Official Bio