En Esch has released his new single titled ‘I’m So Sick’, featuring Mea Fisher (Lords of Acid), via Give/Take.

Electronic as pure orchestration on a world building scale, you are more immersed into this world than simply listening to a song. Infectious in scope and grandiose in scale, En Esch has found his sound in less than five minutes, captivating and audience and expanding a fan base.

“This awesome track about obsession, love and addiction has an eerie and sinister quality. I co-wrote it with Mea Fisher aka DJ Mea who I met on the Lords of Acid Sextreme Fest 2017 Tour with Combichrist and Christian Death. Her voice and hardworking attitude as frontwoman of LOA on that tour impressed me. We made a plan to collaborate on music after the tour finished, so I made a few trips from Germany to the US and we worked on some interesting and so far unreleased material. “I’m So Sick” is the first track we came up with and I’m happy to present it to you now. Enjoy!”
– En Esch

About ‘I’m So Sick’

After the resounding success of the anthemic “Push,” from both critics and fans, En Esch returns with yet another cutting single as he teases his first solo album in seven years.

Featuring Mea Fisher (Lords of Acid), “I’m So Sick” showcases the harder edge of Esch’s sound — which fans of his work in PIG and KMFDM are certain to appreciate — while employing strikingly candid, and heartfelt lyrics. From the sinister stabbing lead synth with which it opens to Fischer’s rasping screams at the song’s climax, “I’m So Sick” is tailor-made for industrial fans with passion and a flair for the dramatic.

Collaborative duo DEATHDANCE’s menacing bonus “God Have Mercy” mix might cut the rhythm to half-time, but the additional vocals and live instrumentation set a gorgeous and complimentary bleak tone.

About En Esch

haping the sound of industrial music for decades, Frankfurt-born and world-traveled En Esch is perhaps best known for his contributions to KMFDM, PIG and Pigface. The artist’s distinctive vocals, skillful musicianship and charismatic stage presence have propelled him to the highest echelons of industrial-metal, earning him a devoted fan base and a legacy of pioneering music. If there were a Mount Rushmore of industrial, En Esch’s face would surely be carved on it.

Aside from his own group Slick Idiot with Günter Schulz, across his storied career, En Esch has collaborated with artists such as Rammstein, FM Einheit of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mona Mur, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Sister Machine Gun, and dozens more.

Maintaining a steady output of solo work, beginning with 1993’s Cheesy on TVT Records, En Esch’s highly anticipated new LP, and first in over seven years is slated for release in 2023 on GIVE/TAKE.

Featuring PIG’s Raymond Watts, Erica Dilanjian (Lords of Acid) and Gabriel Lennox on additional vocals, En Esch’s scorching club anthem “Push,” first single from the upcoming full-length was released this March.