Errorr has today released their new album titled ‘Servant’ via Anomic Records. Sonic grit coming through your earbuds, you then realize that this is a sin to listen to this monster through your earbuds. This is a straight up sound system type of album. Crank it until you realize you have neighbors, then say fuck it, and crank it some more.

When you see founder Leonard Kaage’s resume (The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Tess Parks), you see where all of that hard work paid off. This is an evolution of all of that music and much, much more. Layers upon layers of audio landscapes spread over a wide array of imagination. Originality now has a muse.

About Errorr

ERRORR was founded by Leonard Kaage; the Berlin-based Swedish multi-instrumentalist — also known as the producer and guitar player of The Underground Youth. He has also worked with numerous other bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Tess Parks and more.

In 2019 after touring and producing for and with other bands, Leonard took the opportunity to start anew on a blank canvas with his own instrumentation, production and arrangements.

After a few months of creating, the characteristic sound of ERRORR took shape. Loud guitars and fuzzy bass supported by straight-forward drum beats. Leonard’s voice cuts through the mighty wall of beautiful noise with messages about social injustice.

The EP was recorded and played solely by Kaage in his basement studio in Friedrichshain in 2019, whenever he found time in between recording and touring with other bands around Europe, Asia and the US. These first recordings were the introduction to what later on became ERRORR.

In collaboration with Little Clouds (US) and Anomic Records (EU), the vinyl will come out with 3 unreleased exclusive bonus tracks. “Servant” was first released in late September 2021 and holds an explosive fuzzdrenched soundscape that hovers somewhere in between post-punk and shoegaze.