Esse Effe is an artist and producer with a unique approach to techno music. Recently, he unveiled a brand new single titled “The Boys Are Back.” This song has a larger-than-life groove, and a really distinctive tone, that’s heavily focused on the rhythm and the groove of the track. However, this song definitely does not skimp when it comes to amazing melodies, and this artist knows a thing or two about creating music with a very direct and catchy feel.

Like some of the best techno tracks out there, “The Boys Are Back” has a really interesting song structure, one that really highlights the track’s evolution throughout the span of the song’s length.

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Ultimately, This song hits the mark, not only in terms of production but also when it comes to its execution, which is perhaps the most important aspect of any song or album as a whole. In conclusion, “The Boys Are Back” is most definitely going to be a great new discovery for any fan of great techno music, or broadly for anyone who enjoys forward-thinking electronic dance music with personality and vision! Esse Effe is a very eclectic producer who really has a knack for thinking outside the box and creating music that defies genre definitions and barriers.

“The Boys Are Back”, will be available via uSound Records.