Ethan Spalding is the originator of a new music genre, TRAPROCK, which synthesizes his varied music experiences and his approach to life. Ethan’s TRAPROCK “evolution revolution” incorporates big 808’s, heavy guitar riffs, and soul-shattering drums in a full live-band experience. His lyrics reflect his life as a professional in the fitness industry, a devoted family man, a hustler, and the ultimate music artist.

Not only can he rap about everything from visiting strip joints to working out to smoking weed to eating healthy, but he can accompany himself on a full range of percussive instruments including the timbales, congas and a full drum set. From writing hooks and melodies to producing hip-hop tracks and full-length albums, Ethan brings new meaning to the music artist as total package.

In the term TRAPROCK, TRAP refers to hustle and ROCK to whatever you like to ‘rock.’ But to Ethan, who has expanded his vision to a TRAPROCK Family, the TRAPROCK concept can ultimately include anyone who is doing what they love to do in a way they want to do it, i.e., thinking, working, and living “outside the box.”

Ethan is never more alive than when he is on stage in front of an audience. His love of performance is contagious—something to which anyone who has ever attended one of his concerts can attest. His performance wingman is a sneaker-head J-smoking dancing panda mascot. Together this memorable pair is introducing the world to a new type of crank and always leaves their audiences wanting more.