1. Around My Neck Eugenia Post Meridiem 4:05

A mere 3 weeks since their latest, electrifying single and video release ‘willpower’ which marked the introduction of their upcoming album like I need tension. The impressive four piece Italian outfit Eugenia Post Meridiem have returned with their next slice of eclectic perfection. With hints of surf pop threaded throughout, helped with the infectious guitar motif ‘around my neck’ is the second single taken from the highly intriguing album project set for release on the 18th of November.

A kaleidoscopic medley of flavors, breakdowns, switch ups and builds, ‘around my neck’ is yet another demonstration of EPM’s exceptional, tasteful talents and unshakeable chemistry as a band. With just enough variation to keep listeners hooked and tentatively resting on the edge of their seat all whilst remaining seamlessly cohesive and mellifluously fluid. A feat often attempted but rarely mastered with such ease and authenticity.

Following on from 2019’s full length project debut, the highly acclaimed In Her Bones which saw Eugenia Post Meridiem make one of the coveted spots in Rolling Stone Italia’s twenty Italian musical promises for 2020 alongside incredible support from Billboard, CLASH and VICE. Initial single ‘willpower’ and now ‘around my neck’ mark the quartet’s first two releases this 2022 after 2021’s double single release LIFE SLEEPER Side A & Side B.

With this second offering now unleashed, they set the wheels firmly in motion, hurtling full speed ahead towards the luminous full length project. Much like a meteor blasting through space, the band continue to divulge their new, cosmic, musical odyssey like i need tension, piece by delectable piece. Dreamy, hypnotic and utterly other worldly yet tethered with sounds, qualities and textures of the past, EPM’s music is an enigmatic smorgasbord of crisp tones, exquisite colour and unique delicacies quite simply unlike anything heard before.

Unafraid to experiment, to step into the unknown and to so solidly go against the tide, EPM’s art is filled with quality, curiosity and ingenuity. Nothing is included without purpose or intention and each track is as poetic and reflective as it is transcendent and meditative.

Placing its roots somewhere in the mystical universe of Hiatus Kaiyote, Christine and the Queens, PYJÆN and Tame Impala. Eugenia Post Meridiem’s sound is inextricably eccentric, often abstract but always refreshingly intangible, allowing the listener’s own interpretation and understanding to take flight.

With a sound that oscillates between the realms of soul, indie, Jazz and folk painted with 60’s/70’s psychedelic tendencies and all encased in a 90’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

As the clear, unmistakable caliber of Eugenia rings out, within an instant her voice is recognized yet entirely unpredictable as she delicately details philosophical phrases studded with lyrical depth and mysticism. Eugenia Post Meridiem have the rare talent of being able to pick and choose elements from a variety of worlds whilst still remaining conducive and unequivocally fresh.

Having etched their very essence into the DNA of music itself, Eugenia Post Meridiem expertly harness their own exceptionally unique energy and interweave this into the rich tapestry of their art.

This song was born from a riff written by Giovanni during the lockdown and reworked afterwards. The original composition had a crazy chord progression that was simplified during the arrangement process ending up in a loop of four chords played over an afrobeat groove which breaks when the chorus hits, changing the hypnotic mood of the verse, the bass drops and the mood becomes darker and colder, than a monotone voice leads once again to the verse and in the end leads to a male choir improvisation, a dreamy vocal prayer that blends gradually in a dawn.

Those musical ideas are conceptualized in the lyrics as a mantra repeating itself almost like a prayer about what we probably mean when we say ‘human freedom’. We are trying to summon an image of someone facing two giants: life and death; being frozen by deep fear, but then at a time having this feeling of being something way more noble and greater, an ‘existence’ that walks over them.

Eugenia Post Meridiem

About Eugenia Post Meridiem

Fate, coincidence or divine intervention? Eugenia Post Meridiem took shape in Summer 2017 after three month travelling around Lisbon, when by chance Eugenia (voice, guitar) met Matteo (bass), Giovanni (guitar, keys) and Matteo (drums, percussion). The quartet soon melded together, blending Matteo’s bass and electronic music skills, Giovannis, psychedelic oriented guitar and Matteo’s deeply rooted percussive Jazz origins.

The initial meeting then led to the creation of a series of songs that not only showcased Eugenia’s wonderful voice and remarkable songwriting potentials, but also incorporated layers of soul, indie and folk influences. Alongside a pronounced inclination to 60s and 70s psychedelic tendencies, finely combined with 90’s sound textures all held together, interpreted and experienced via 4 completely different musical backgrounds.

In August 2018 at the Big Snuff Studio of Berlin the band recorded its first body of work: In Her Bones, released on October 11, 2019 and in Summer and Autumn of 2019 they were touring around Italy. The band also played at ESNS and MENT Ljubljana in January and February 2020, at WAVES Festival (Vienna) in September 2020 and were chosen as well for the INES talent pool 2020. Rolling Stone Italia also counted Eugenia Post Meridiem among the twenty italian music promises for 2020.

In 2021 the band recorded LIFE SLEEPER SIDE A and SIDE B (produced by Matteo Pavesi) at Fonoprint Studio in Bologna, and was released between Summer and Fall 2021. In September of the same year the band played at MIL Festival (Lisbon) and Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg, Germany). Eugenia Post Meridiem have now recorded their second studio album ‘like I need a tension’ for Bronson Recordings, due to be released in November 2022.

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