Every Us has today premiered their new single titled ‘AWCB’, an acronym for All We Can Be, taken from their eagerly anticipated, self-titled EP, ‘Every Us’. A beautiful slow dive into the souls of musical giants, including Olivia Reid and Chynna Sherrod, mixes genre bending styles into a collective beat and the end result is simply angelic. While hard to pin into a particular style, there is a scope and magnitude there that transcends any particular style and exists on a higher plane by simply being. That is what makes a future classic.

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About Every Us & ‘AWCB’

“‘AWCB’ is about the side of you and the version of ‘us’ that only comes out between two people in love.” With inspirational lyrics advocating building a version of the future that only exists for two people, combined with harmonious melodies, Every Us seamlessly unites transcendent elements in their music. “AWCB” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring the talented singer-songwriter Olivia Reid and Chynna Sherrod, and it represents the collective’s commitment to promoting their music, brand, and community through their artistry. With two singles already in circulation, the collective is gearing up for the EP’s spring release and a forthcoming video series. “AWCB” is now available worldwide.

Every Us is known for crafting music that paints vivid emotional landscapes for its listeners. “AWCB” achieves this by transporting audiences to ethereal heights, making them feel as though they’re “falling from the top of the world.” The track utilizes suspense, blending a serene and catchy chorus with dynamic verses infused with drums, leading the listener on a transformative musical journey. Ryan Jones, creator of Every Us, stated that “in love, you create your own unique ‘us’ when you’re both together, taking parts from both of you. The lines ‘color in all of my pieces, make mosaics of our bones’ illustrate that.” The song’s climax is a synergistic endeavor, transitioning into a dance-infused electro composition with intricate harmonies and mesmerizing vocal effects at the end of the song, evoking the sensation of freefalling through a twilight sky.

Founder Ryan Jones, whose global experiences have brought people together, now calls NYC home and shares a new mission with Every Us. The multimedia project has curated successful community live events in Brooklyn, drawing over 200 attendees across three events in 2022. Every Us showcases a diverse lineup of local artists, ranging from folk and R&B to jazz and DJ sets. Past collaborators include Michael Tighe (Jeff Buckley, Adele, Mark Ronson), Charlie Klasfield (Clean Bandit, Branchez), and guitarist Dan Sagher (Charlie Burg). The single was mixed by Latin Grammy winner Soular and mastered by Kia Shavon, with contributions from filmmakers Frank Sun (Survivor, SNL) and Talia Light Rake (Sundance, Tribeca).

Every Us is a music collective based in NYC, creating music that captures the moments we feel a part of something greater than ourselves. With one single out today and three more to come, Every Us is on track to release an EP in the spring and a new video series in the summer.

Ryan Jones, the artist to start this group has lived around the world. Experiencing firsthand the many ways music can bring people together, Ryan has brought this goal back to New York. As Every Us, they are focused on using music to open up a wider world of creativity. Through their community live events in 2022, they have accumulated over 200 people curating a lineup of artists in the NYC & Brooklyn area from Folk to R&B to Jazz to DJs. They tend to uplift other new voices while also sharing their music, brand, and creating a larger community.

“Someday,” their debut release, evokes a transcending and calming energy to any listener. The alternative drums and crescendoing melodies help create this music journey. Leading into a catchy chorus, claps and horns can transport listeners through a mix of genres and emotions, emphasizing Every Us as a diverse community of collaborators.

Past acts and collaborators include Olivia Reid, Michael Tighe (Jeff Buckley, Adele, Mark Ronson) and Charlie Klasfield (Clean Bandit, Branchez) and guitarist Dan Sagher (Charlie Burg). Mixed by Latin Grammy winner, Soular and mastered by Kia Shavon. Filmmakers include Talia Light Rake (Sundance, Tribeca Festival) and Frank Sun (Peloton, The Olympics).

Exploring what it actually sounds like to find “your people,” this multi-media collective and community creates music for us. One can describe them as a community sound or style, more than just a singular figure.