Saladin is the Chicago based DJ and producer who has been making shockwaves all around the Dance music industry over the last year. With releases on Peak Hour, Play Records and his own successful imprint Phunk Junk, he has garnered support from titans of the industry like Laidback Luke and Don Diablo.

His latest showcase, Feel My Bass, is the newest EP to come out on Phunk Junk and proves why he is rightly looking forward to an incredible 2018. ‘Demons in my stereo’ is an explorative, unique track with influences from all genres, creating a wholly unique experience for the listener. ‘Bad Creation’ is downright naughty, and his production mastery is rife, with powerful synthesis and hard-hitting basslines running rampant. This continues throughout the EP, with ‘Face Stomp’ creating a raucous combination of four-to-the-floor goodness and dubstep infused mid-range synths. Every track is glorious in its genre-transcending diversity, and this hybrid release is the perfect example of the up-and-coming producers we can look forward to hearing more from in the next twelve months.

Saladin’s influences of Prince and 80’s New Wave artists is evident in his productions, and it is this unique collection of influence and innovative power he possesses which makes his own productions so special. However, his love of music goes beyond production, and he can often be seen performing in some of Chicago’s most prestigious clubs such as Spybar, Evil Olive and Afterlife. His productions have no doubt been helped by his extensive club and radio DJ history and the powerful, brazen tunes he is putting out now show just how great he has become.