1. Winter Solstice Fiat Lux 4:10

Since their re-formation, spurred by an outpouring of Universal and Cherry Red reissues, Fiat Lux have delighted the critics and their fans, not just with a re-appraisal of their back catalogue but also with the warm reception given to the new material they have put out since 2019.

“There’s a smart sophisticated appeal that conjures up the band’s distinctive sound, yet also seems imbued with a timeless quality” (Blitzed reviewing Twisted Culture LP – 2021 ) “Fiat Lux have always deserved recognition and now might be their time in the sun” (Electricity Club on Saved Symmetry album -2019).
“Twisted Culture captures the modernist but soulful aesthetic of synth pop’s first bloom, yet its powerful sound is entirely contemporary” Electronic Sound. Now they have decided to lend their distinctive style to a Christmas record and have come up with not one but two tracks to herald what is the end of their anniversary year:

“If All I’ve Said Is True” evokes the same magic as their signature song “Secrets” and, in keeping with some of the best Christmas pop songs, appears to tell the tale of the nativity whilst giving a modern alternative view embedded in the detail.

“Winter Solstice” goes further into mystical territory with an upbeat and synth bass driven dance tune that embraces the pagan alternative celebrations of the season.

Heralded as Synth-pop pioneers and influencers, Fiat Lux first formed in the early 1980s and were part of the first wave of British synth pop with a string of Polydor singles getting regular airplay whilst they toured the UK and Europe both in their own right and in the company of the likes of Blancmange, Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, John Cale and Level 42.
“they pioneered a unique sonic stamp, the influence of which is still felt today” -www.theseconddisc.com .

Vocalist Steve Wright and multi-instrumentalist David P. Crickmore were discovered by Bill Nelson (ex-Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise) who produced and released ‘Feels Like Winter Again’ on his own Cocteau label. A UK indie chart Top Ten and NME single of the week.

Later in April 1982, Bill’s brother Ian joined Fiat Lux, Polydor signed the trio and they recorded with producer Hugh Jones. The singles – ‘Secrets’ and ‘Blue Emotion’ – both skirted the UK charts.

UK and European tours followed along with radio sessions and TV appearances, including BBC TV’s Whistle Test, Musicladen (the German equivalent of Top Of The Pops) and a dedicated Channel 4 TV hour long special called Mirror Images. Despite all the exposure and airplay, Crickmore quit in 1985 after what he considered Polydor’s failure to promote the fifth single “Solitary Lovers” and their shelving of the release of their album “Ark Of Embers” which he has described as their maisterwerk under Hugh Jones. Fiat Lux disbanded soon afterwards.

“Black, the vehicle of the late Colin Verncombe .. .ultimately proved that, despite the short sightedness of Polydor records back in the day, the Fiat Lux template was indeed a viable commodity” Electricity Club
Ian Nelson died in 2006.

12 years later Crickmore and Wright reformed Fiat Lux after helping Universal and Cherry Red records to curate “Hired History Plus” – A double CD set of the Polydor years including the previously unreleased “Ark Of Embers” album. They followed up with a new album “Saved Symmetry” in March 2019, introducing new member Will Howard taking on the duties of the late Ian Nelson. Encouraged by the critical acclaim, the revitalised trio began live work the same year, first accepting a billing on a UK Electronica festival that reunited them with Howard Jones and Blancmange and led to a productive collaboration with Rusty Egan who remixed their single “(How Will We Ever) Work This Way”. They also gigged as special guests of China Crisis, old associates from their days simultaneously recording at Liverpool’s Amazon Studios

2021 saw Fiat Lux back in the studio to deliver their current album “Twisted Culture”. So far this year, as well as a series of anniversary live appearances including a headliner at The Long Division Festival back where they first formed in Wakefield, Fiat Lux are featured in a lavish Cherry Red box set celebrating the birth of Manchester’s legendary Hacienda club which they played in its opening year.

For the new Christmas single, the line up remains Steve Wright – vocals; Will Howard – sax and clarinet, David P Crickmore backing vocals and all other instruments and production. The trio are available for interviews, sessions etc to support the release.

SOURCE: Official Bio