One week after the conclusion of their 2nd annual Girl Power: Women Working in the Music Industry Conference, Fiero Flair founders Kerry & Gian Fiero have announced the theme of their 2016 event.

Blending Careers in Entertainment & Technology will be the focus, emphasis, and theme.

“We are proud to successfully fill the void left by other event organizers by catering to a predominantly female demographic,” says Kerry Fiero, co-founder and lead organizer of Fiero Flair’s annual Girl Power event, “but we are not content with our success. It would be easy to re-heat and re-serve the same curriculum with different panel names, but we have to break new ground. We look forward to providing new insights that are both current and reflective of the climate in today’s music industry.”

That climate blends entertainment and technology.

The next Fiero Flair Girl Power Music Industry Conference will feature panels based on a currculum that addresses the career opportunities, and challenges, that have been exposed in the media with regard to diversity.

In addition, Fiero Flair willl be incorporating a job fair component to the 2016 conference that will increase the value of attending, and facilitate the Girl Power event objective: instigating women working in the music industry.

“The concept of next year’s conference came to me while talking to this year’s attendees,” said Gian Fiero, co-founder of Fiero Flair who designs the conference curriculums. “I’ve been doing curriculum design long enough to know that being in-tune and in-touch with the people you are educating is the most important job of any educator. The women I talked to at the conference spoke to me about the full spectrum of their music industry aspirations and goals, and I listened. The topics that we cover in 2016 will be a manifestion of those conversations.”

The date and location of the Fiero Flair Girl Power: Women Working in the Music Industry Conference – Blending Careers in Entertainment & Technology, will be announced at the beginning of 2016.

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