Mag Electric has released their new single titled ‘Thorn In My Side’. A unique mix of grunge, grit, and even prog rock (think original blend of fIREHOSE, QOTSA, and Alan Parson Project), Mag Electric redefines slacker rock and gives new meaning to the guitar hero.

Finding new music that turns retro into renaissance is rare, but Mag Electric shape the future of music with their influences.

About Mag Electric

Mag Electric is a 3 piece hard rock band from Brooklyn. The band consists of Jack Simchak (guitar and vocals), Scott Meyer (bass), and Bill Peluso (drums). The three came together out of a shared love of old-school hard rock bands like QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and ZZ Top, as well as master musicians like Jeff Porcaro.

Mag plays music that can best be described as hard rock with a healthy dose of psychedelic influence. Through each song written and performed the band strives to stay true to what they love about their musical roots while maintaining relevance to what they as individuals want to express.

On the heels of their first release Roadie music mag said this about their debut single “Iron Horse”, “What Jack Simchak (guitar and vocals), Scott Meyer (bass) and Bill Peluso (drums) did on Iron Horse, can be considered an immediate classic, such is the strength of its hard rock with seventies influences, but which borders on the lines of stoner rock, at certain times, showing enormous versatility in their heavy and adrenaline-filled sound, with an intense footprint and a lot of originality on the surface at all times.”

Looking ahead you can find the band on the road touring the northeast this spring with more releases coming throughout the rest of 2023 so make sure to follow and stay tuned.