It is potentially a dream come true for local Morecambe girl Ashleigh Wood, a dedicated Lancastrian, top golfer and native of idyllic seaside town Morecambe that a song she recorded that pays tribute to her hometown, has now been embraced by the local council to promote the town as a major seaside tourist haven. If this was not enough she has also been blessed by the fact that the classic track ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ made famous by Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise is also being featured on major TV adverts as well as a favourite of one of the key taste makers at the biggest radio station in the UK , Radio 2.

‘Bring Me Sunshine’ has been featured on adverts for the likes of Cadbury, Nescafe and P&O Cruises and is a regular on Radio 2’s Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show. It is an instantly recognisable classic and Ashleigh effortlessly manages to capture the spirit of the song by firmly putting her own stamp on it.

Ashleigh Wood’s dedication to Morecambe and her own heritage has endeared her to the local populace and garnered her approval from BBC Radio Lancashire and other regional radio stations across the North West.

Ashleigh was invited to sing ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ at the Eric Morecambe Tribute Dinner at the Globe Arena, the home of Morecambe FC. The audience and organisers were so impressed by her performance that she has been invited to sing the track again at Morecambe FC’s opening game. This is a great opportunity for Ashleigh as it ties in her two main passions; music and sport.

The track itself is a direct reflection of British summertime; light, sunny and full of joy. It is a perfect song to enjoy blasting through your car speakers, barbequing or simply lounging outside and making the most of the somewhat unpredictable British weather, and Ashleigh truly makes the song her own. The wonderful Morecambe band even accompany Ashleigh in the video! Just try and listen to it without wanting to do the hopping routine the legendary comedians made famous on their classic shows. Summer is here and Ashleigh Wood is set to truly bring it sunshine, whatever the weather.

“Morecambe is a great place to live. Even on a stormy, windy day with the waves crashing it’s a spectacular place to be but when the sun shines the view across the bay is so beautiful. I am so grateful for the support I have received from all the local people during the creation of the video. The crowd who arrived on what was a very cold day to join in the filming, Paul ‘Frithy’ Frith who gave a marvellous performance of the Eric statue, the Morecambe band who recorded the lively part of the song and took part in the video filming. The Eric Morecambe statue is a great attraction in the town. The story of its disappearance is very well known. I’m hoping our fun take on this will make people smile, remember Eric with renewed affection and, as they view the video and be reminded what a fantastic place Morecambe is to visit. I am told thousands of people have already watched the video. I hope this will prove to be a very positive thing for tourism in Morecambe. ‘Beauty Surrounds, Health Abounds’ is the town’s motto. It really does live up to that statement” – Ashleigh Wood

“We hope the whole Town gets behind Ashleigh who has taken a classic song and made it into a new anthem for Morecambe, she’s a great ambassador for the town so I hope she makes it a hit,” – Darren Clifford – County Councillor

I observed Ashleigh working on the video and she was very professional, focussed and disciplined, yet she managed to project the fact that she was care free and having so much fun. She is a lovely girl and has many fans locally, she is always willing to attend functions that promote the Town and we are thrilled to have Ashleigh as ‘The face of Morecambe this Summer’. – Debbie Cain – Director of Go Morecambe and founder /committee member of the newly formed Morecambe Heritage Centre

Bring Me Sunshine was released August 24th.