MONARKI, an up and coming band from Indonesia. Blending music from a wide span of genres, MONARKI proceeds to cram it all in to a nice little package of good ol’ rock n’ roll without forgetting to pack their pure and raw energy. With some serious 90′s vibes, MONARKI remains true to their roots while maintaining interesting songs and concepts that stand out from all those cookie cutter “phone-ins”.


It was started from a passion to make interesting songs, music, that bring the real energy of rock music, then we started to form MONARKI..
MONARKI formed in April 2011, with the initial member: Vona (Vocal), Revly (Guitar), Bil (Guitar), Lucky (Bass), Galih (Drum), and then after a few member changes, the current formation of MONARKI are:

  • Vona (vocal)
  • Revly (guitar)
  • Bil (guitar)
  • Lucky (bass)
  • Wisnu (drum)

We started the band with the intention to make our original songs. Up until now we have 10 songs ready to be recorded, including 4 songs that already have been recorded:

  • Monarchy of heart
  • Turn my day off
  • Footsteps to nowhere
  • Eyes of the future

We really like to make our marks in the music industry worldwide..
That is our goal and passion that drives us until right now…

Meet Monarki:


VONA (Vocals)
Active in music scene since the 90’s, he was in several bands before he joined MONARKI. His vocal range spans more than the average range of male vocalists..
This unique charasteristic makes MONARKI’s music more interesting.





LUCKY (Bass)
Active in the music scene since early 00’s, his style of playing is influenced by a lot of genres… but rock is his most favourite music..
His raw straight-in-your-face playing keeps MONARKI’s music tight.





BIL (Guitars)
Active in the music scene since the 90’s, makes him a well-playing seasoned guitar player…
His love to the early 80’s Rock music makes his playing bluesy and at the same time we can feel the Metal music influences in it..





REVLY (Guitars)
Active in the music scene since the 90’s.. This guy is the man behind MONARKI’s music.. He wrote 80 percent of the song, then he brought the song to the rest of the guys to be finished..
He is heavily influenced by the work of Hendrix, Hetfield, Tremonti, Thayil, Grohl, Van Halen, The Edge,and the rest of the legendary musicians…
That what makes MONARKI’s music interesting




WISNU (Drums)
Active in the music scene since the eartly 00’s.. This guy is the one who responsible for the bites, kicks, crashes, punches, of MONARKI’s music…
His style of playing is so punch-straight-in-your-face that makes you move your body, rockin’ hard and really enjoy the beat of MONARKI songs…
He was a finalist of a national tv music competition…
What people are saying:

“Very cool!!” – Jason Becker (Legendary Guitarist, Cacophony, David Lee Roth Band)

“Definitely will fit to the US market!” – Troy Stetina (legendary guitar tutorial maker)

“They are cool! Definitely worth to be heard!” – Eet Sjahranie (Edane, God Bless)

“Such a dramatic song” – Matt Mahurin (Director of Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” video)

“The song is very powerful and the sound production is good!” – Riri Riza (Director, Miles Production, Indonesia)

“Great stuff”, Kimberly Price (Integrity Media Group, Tampa, FL, US)

“Cool tunes! I really love Turn My Day Off!”, K-Rock (Mid-Atlantic Reviews)

“We are officially offering you to play at Navi Mumbai International Film Festival” – Dhunkki Production (India)

“I really love these songs! You guys Rock! Very beautiful voice by the way. Very talented musicians..” – Susan Borchers (Omaha Local Music Promotions)

“I really dig this song, I’d love to include it in my next film.” – Ramone hulet (Chicago Filmmaker)

“Really cool fresh band from Indonesia …you like it ,if you are interested in creed and soundgarden!” – Pas van Deyck (extreme-scRIPt-crew, Germany)

“We would be interested in using any songs that you have in some of our projects” – Chip Rossetti (Rossetti Productions, USA)

“Let me know if you would be interested in our services to catapult you into the international spotlight!” – Jon Gornbein (Protekted Record, Kid Rock’s percussionist)

“Maybe you guys can do a promo tour here in Thailand for a start” – Robert L. Pritchett (9NA music and event organizer, Thailand)

“Monarki, you’re welcome at!” – Rock-Label.TV (Switzerland)