Foxglove has released their new single titled ‘Tell Me A Story’. Catchy pop on the surface with a clear message underneath, Foxglove brilliantly captures that feeling inside a moment that is wrapped inside an epiphany.

While the song may seem happy-go-lucky with that initial listen, ‘Tell Me A Story’ has that dark connotation within the lyrics that tells a deeper story. Being lost in a time of your life and not knowing where that life will take you next, all the while having that sense of helplessness before you realize the future is well within your power. In that context, the happiness of the music fits in more ways than one.

About ‘Tell Me A Story’

Lyrically, singer Abi penned the track about burnout in your early twenties and not knowing what path to take in life. ’Tell Me A Story’ throws the listener into this journey with her, as the diary-like lyrics tell the story of how she feels in the current moment. The band draws inspiration from 90s bands and dance classics that their parents played to them whilst they were growing up, to which in turn, shaped their sound, style of writing and the kind of music they create today.