Francis On My Mind has released her new live session video for the track titled ‘This Is My Time’. While the track is already an energetic romp well into the annuls of indie music the song takes on new life with this rendering with a fervent way about it and a sheer attitude for originality. this is one of those songs the songwriter should be proud of. Because it’s more than simply being there. It takes the space up around your ears and captures your attention.

About Francis On My Mind

Originally from Onesti, Romania and now based in Bucharest, Romania, Francis On My Mind began singing around her house at an early age. Noticing her potential talent, her parents began enrolling her in local talent shows. The rest, as they say, was history. At just 16 Years old she burst onto the scene with ‘On My Mind,’ a mesmerizing exploration of teenage love’s ethereal haze. Her musical odyssey continued with a release of successful singles, as her sound, persona and lyrics showcased an ever evolving maturity, as well as an unmistakable talent at crafting memorable songs with impeccable storytelling. Inspired by artists such as Birdy and Miley Cyrus, this blend of heartfelt indie-pop has led to her overarching success, as she showcases an uncanny ability at creating songs that resonate with her audience.

‘This Is My Time’ follows suit. Infectious and emotive, it’s a song worth knowing. The Chandelier Live Session video showcases Francis On My Mind performing the song live with a set of studio musicians as they deliver the fast-paced 80’s drum-beat and nostalgic guitar riffs over a bouncing bass. Never once missing a beat, the beautiful young singer’s emotive vocals shine and shimmer as she sings from the heart, exploring topics of growth, confidence and youthful innocence. Cementing herself as a true performer, her commitment and passion for her craft is clearly evident in her raw and well executed vocal delivery, as she demonstrates an impressive stage presence and ability to sing outside of the studio.

Francis On My Mind had this to say on the video: “I am so overwhelmed about the feedback around my latest song, ‘This is My Time’, so I’ve decided it’s time to show you the live performance of the song. Hope you’ll love it as much as I do. Can’t wait to perform the song live at the concerts. Much love”.