JT is part of the Frontstreet crew, a group of like-minded creatives, brought together by their love of music and fashion. The sophisticated and hard hitting ‘Feel The Pain’ is JT’s second single and follows on from debut ‘Jazzy Blues’ which was hosted on Link Up TV. More support came in the form of TV channels AKA and Flava who both play-listed the video plus online support from GRM Daily, Complex UK, Pardon My Blog, UKB and much more.

The reaction at TV led to JT performing ‘Feel The Pain’ live on London Live’s ‘Not The One Show’ watch it here.

JT released an alternative video for ‘Feel The Pain’ as a tribute to Eric Garner and Michael Brown and to highlight the tensions in the US following the riots in Ferguson. This was picked up by WorldStar Hip Hop who exclusively hosted the video which has gained nearly 15k views in one month. Watch it here. There is a also remix of the track in the can by UK rapper Giggs so watch out for this also dropping very soon.

For those who love a sample heavy, soulful/jazz sound dripping with thoughtful lyrics and hip hop vibes then Fronstreet JT is your boy.

‘Feel The Pain’ is out now on iTunes