London’s most energetically charged 4-piece band Fuzzy Logic Baby release the stylishly souped up official music video for ‘Glow in the Dark’ taken from the EP of the same name. Mixing just the right amount of indie, grime, dub, and rap with some harmonies thrown in for good measure, Fuzzy Logic Baby comprise of Darwood Grace (lead vocals), Jack Hearne (guitar), Ben Lewis (bass) and Daniel Servante (drums).

The story behind the ‘Glow in the Dark’ visuals is a simple one, one best told by Fuzzy Logic Baby’s Darwood Grace; “My mate Duncan Telford; who happens to be an award-winning cinematographer, hired some camera lenses that cost £24,000 to film an advert for Weetabix. A rival lens company then asked Duncan if he would review their new £100 version of the same lens so he asked me if I wanted to shoot a video for any of my songs so I said yeah, as I was in the saying yes to everything chapter of my Black Jesus Bible. So I went round to Duncan’s to play him a few records from my Band’s EP and he chose ‘Glow In The Dark’.

After filming, I went round to my mate Leogami the Artist’s house to bun a chalice and showed him the footage; he heard ‘Glow in the Dark’ and said – “so this is what an Afro-Punk Gospel tune from Black Jesus sounds like, can I add something to it?”

…Thank God that I hadn’t finished that say yes chapter yet. Hope you like what we created.”