Gabriel Templar is the latest in a line of independent artists that has built a career in music from a sensational start on tiktok. Gabriel is a savvy 22-year-old Singer songwriter from Bristol, and is following in the footsteps of many young artists that have forged a career in music through TikTok.

Gabriel started out posting catchy acapella type music videos on TikTok in 2020. In less than 12 months his videos started to go viral and he now has over 1.8M followers and this number is growing fast. Gabriel is an amazing songwriter and performer and in 2021 he released three original singles and started posting catchy videos on tiktok featuring these songs. The audience crossed over instantly, and he now has 8M streams on Spotify with 5M streams of the last single “They’re Not Happy About Me” alone.

Gabriel writes super catchy retro-guitar-pop that sounds a bit like a mashup of The Beatles, The Kooks, and Eminem. His TikTok audience seems to have been drawn to the super bubbly no frills posts, in which Gabriel features deep vocal layering of multiple harmonies and step by step building of song ideas.

Gabriel has been writing music since he was 14 and was brought up in Pilton just down the road from Worthy Farm, home of the Glastonbury festival in the UK. Gabriel started performing live at an early age and has already played Glastonbury 7 times. Michael Eavis himself is a firm fan of Gabriel who performs with an amazing four piece band and they will be featuring on the Avalon Cafe stage at Glastonbury 2023. Gabriel’s band consists of drummer (Liam Twohig), guitarist (Josh Wells) and bassist (Reece Bluck) who all backup Gabriel with additional backing vocals and energy.

Gabriel releases a new single “Go With The Flow” on June 9th. This will form part of a 4 track EP being released one single at a time over the coming months. “Go With The Flow” is an upbeat, catchy summer song that sends a positive message about doing what you love, freedom and not being oppressed by society. Gabriel possesses a unique ability to embellish an all encompassing pop-infused sound that appeals to the masses, whilst still holding true to his natural affinity for songwriting.

In partnership with a new record label SpaceInTime Records based in Bristol, the label is helping Gabriel and other artists to build their own self-sustaining career without the need for large label advances and multi-year contracts.

SOURCE: Official Bio