For parents looking quality children’s entertainment without the adult themes of mainstream pop music, Geeh The Band has the answer. Originally from a distant world, Geeh’s colorful characters – Cue, Mid, Tune, Melody, Up, Groove and Loop – produce catchy pop melodies and brightly animated videos that communicate upbeat messages and positive values. So far, the band has racked up over one million views on its YouTube channel.

“I created Geeh The Band because kids often listen to music not suitable for their age,” says Alfonso Soto. “I experienced this as a parent and decided to take action. Geeh produces upbeat music full of positive messages for children aged 4 to 12. Our slogan is ‘Giving Back Is Our Beat,’ and I believe the band achieves that by offering parents and their children a powerful alternative to mainstream music.”

Melody and Tune, Geeh the Band Mascots
Geeh has two albums in its catalog – “Heaven” saw one song reach #32 on the Billboard chart, while a single from the follow-up album “Fierce” reached #67 on Media Base. The band’s next album, “Evolve,” is set to drop in 2016.

“Evolve” marks an important step for Geeh. The band has partnered with Mascots for a Cure (MFAC), a nonprofit organization that gives financial support to organizations fighting against childhood diseases, with an emphasis on pediatric cancers. Through this partnership, Geeh will take civic responsibility to the next level. In addition, parents and kids will witness the world-changing power of giving back some time and resources as part of helping make the lives of others better.

While the mission of MFAC is to raise awareness and funds to find cures for childhood cancer and other serious childhood diseases, the organization also believes in having fun. That’s part of the idea behind its lives gatherings and events.

The next MFAC event will take place from February 19–21 in Philadelphia. All organizations with mascots are encouraged to participate. Children and families, meanwhile, are welcome to meet the mascots and show their support for this important fundraising effort. On February 21, MFAC will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest-ever assembly of mascots.

About Geeh The Band
Launched in 2012, Geeh The Band is a young band consisting of Up, Cue, Mid, Groove, Loop, Melody, and Tune. They come from a world far away called Premmuy and live in Garlywood. Geeh are about to make their mark on Earth. Go to Geeh The Band’s website to be a part of the band and make your own Avatar. Watch the band’s videos on YouTube, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. You can also download the app to stay in touch with the band!