Billings, Montana isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of dark, hypnotic synth-pop. But, locals Gilda House are making the type of music you’d expect to find in a basement club. You can almost hear the blacklights and mirror-bars in their kick-heavy rhythm. Their newest single “When It Is Raining” is the groovy, spooky dance rock anthem you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Initially a solo project for singer Meg Gildehaus’s output, Gilda House has found its sweet spot as a trio. The addition of Nick Miles on drums and Tony Morales on guitar/synth added new dimensions to the songs.Together, they’ve become a sought after Billings live act. On the cusp of releasing their EP Be Edise, the band is stretching themselves and reaching for the fantastic.

“When It Is Raining” is a pulsing, brooding powerhouse of a song. Morales’ synth leads swirl around Gildehaus’ urgent vocals while Miles keeps a steady foot pounding the kick drum. The song begs you to move, whether it’s dancing or just bobbing your head. In the first verse, Gildehaus sings “I realize my own shadow’s so dark because my light’s so bright.” It’s a feeling many of us can relate to – the idea of finding that balance with the darker parts of ourselves. And the music echoes that sentiment – moments of beautiful melodic moments wrapped in scary synth-pop.

In the video, Gildehaus sings and dances in a phone booth between the two other players. Sometimes, our shadow-selves keep us from being fully immersed in the present. The video is a beautiful representation of that feeling. Mixed with footage of live performance and Gildehaus singing against blue walls, there’s almost a fantasy-like element the band manages to capture in this video.

From songwriting to performance to visual art, Gilda House has it all. “When It Is Raining” is only a taste of their forthcoming EP Be Edise, and I can only imagine what other tricks this band has up their sleeve. Gilda House is the dark synth-pop band you’ve been looking for. And good news – they’re here now!