21-year-old Icelandic native Sara Pétursdóttir aka, Glowie, today releases the Saweetie version of her brand new single Body, out now on Columbia Records. Having met in LA during the video shoot for Body, Glowie and US rapper Saweetie took themselves on a secret hike to Runyon Canyon the next day, before releasing their collaboration to the masses on Friday.

Glowie released the official Body video just last week, which features a diverse plethora of dancers handpicked by Glowie for their inspiring body confidence and captivating moves.

Speaking about Body Glowie said, “Most people at some point in their lives feel insecure about their bodies because someone or something is telling them they’re not good enough. We’re all comparing ourselves to one another and we’re taught that there’s only one way to be beautiful. This is something that needs to change.”

The Icelandic music scene might be full of ethereal dream weavers and local trap, but 21-year-old Glowie is heading out in her own direction. With a distinctive voice and a dark, R&B-leaning pop style, she is set to make an explosive impact on the global music scene and take her rightful place as one of the most exciting emerging artists of 2018/2019.

About Glowie
Born, raised and based in Reykjavik, when Glowie was not in the studio or working her way around her favorite record store, the reflective millennial could usually be found in the nearby pine forests bleeding out in the silence. Iceland can be an isolating place, but Glowie embraced the solitude. Bouncing between the bedrooms of her older siblings as a child gave her all the musical education she needed; Outkast, JT, and Craig David with her brother, and J.Lo, Sugababes, and Destiny’s Child with her sister.

Now relocated to London rather than the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, Glowie has been working hard on her debut release, Body, an anthem penned by Julia Michaels that celebrates body positivity and beauty in all its forms. Accompanying the song upon its release was the lyric video, made by Flo Perry which highlights its key message. Like many of us, Glowie grew up with an uncertainty about herself and how she looked. She caught on early that it helped to channel her feelings into art. Knowing the importance of taking care of yourself both physically and mentally proud feminist Glowie is conscious of spreading not just positivity but real talk both on social media and with her music. As she proudly states on social media “Art is not supposed to look nice, it’s supposed to make you feel something…I’m tired of trying to look nice for other people and being a certain way to make people like me. This year I am not going to be flawless, I’m going to be me, happy, emotional. I will paint, sing, dance and work my ass off.”