Hamid J has today released his new single titled ‘ain’t thinkin’ bout U’. Delightfully decadent disco hits the earbuds and asks the question ‘Why the f*ck are you listening to this with earbuds?!?’.

All questions aside, this is a fun song meant for the summer to carry you into your bright future. A song about moving on and moving forward, ‘ain’t thinkin’ about U’ moves you to that next chapter with a sonically succulent dance beat and solid hook rhythm with that feeling of wanting the next phase in your life. Music with purpose.

About ‘ain’t thinkin bout U’

“ain’t thinkin bout U” follows themes of love and budding relationships found in Hamid J’s previously-released singles. The track, which is the second single off his upcoming full-length debut album cycle of a relationship, focuses more on the process of moving on post-breakup. “ain’t thinkin bout you” narrates the post-breakup realization that the sadness and anger are over, and the healing has begun. “After a breakup, there comes a moment when you realize you’re no longer interested in your ex,” Hamid J explains. “You’re not angry. Not mad. Not bitter. You’ve just moved on.”

Seamlessly blending a funky bassline that gets audiences dancing with powerful lyrics like, “The fool you’ve been with was too blind to see the magical way you shine light in the dark,” the song inspires a message of valuing self-worth while still recognizing the difficult realities of any romantic breakup. “ain’t thinkin bout you” was produced by Matt Cady (Madonna, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran) and Hamid J, and mixed and mastered by Donny Ingram (Dreamcatcher Studio).

A self-taught, Iranian-American queer artist, Hamid J sees himself most notably as a storyteller. He’s committed to inspiring honest conversations through the narrative of each of his songs, which he credits to his own experiences with love, heartbreak, and everything in between. “My stories are based on personal experiences that are wanting to be shared, whether about love, dating, insecurities, sex and sexuality, inner doubts, bullying, and self-love,” Hamid J explains. “All of the elements that make me unique as a human being are what inform my sound.”

Hamid J is an authentic storyteller whose music uniquely blends vulnerably honest lyrics and funky ‘80s-inspired bass lines that have crowds dancing and singing along. His new single “ain’t thinkin bout you” is an anthem of self-love and moving on from those who don’t value your worth, complete with his signature bouncy and upbeat sound.

About Hamid J

Hamid J is a Los Angeles-based synth-pop artist and songwriter, who is seeking to reclaim control over the narrative surrounding artists hailing from disenfranchised strata of society, like the LGBTQ community, with his music. With his approaching debut full-length album, cycle of a relationship, Hamid J presents poetic lyricism, covering topics such as heartache, frustration, and pain, found within romantic relationships. The record is co-produced by Matt Cady, who was choreographer for pop legends, such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Ed Sheehan. With stunning vocal production by Charlotte Martin, Hamid J excels as he brings to life pop-electronica in a way that no other artist has in recent memory.

Hamid J’s discography is unique and unapologetically himself; as a proud Iranian-American, LGBTQ artist, Hamid J seeks to break the shackles of oppression and is continuously striving for other avenues to present his authenticity and personality. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, and Robyn, Hamid J brings a new twist to the pop classics. As an Iranian-American artist who grew up in Germany, Hamid J has numerous cultural and political perspectives that continue to shape his music into something that is palatable and relatable to all. Seeing himself as a story-teller first, Hamid J aspires to use music to tell his stories.