Hana McCartney has today released her new single titled ‘Dope’. Electronic orchestration collides with sonic originality and tamed with Hana’s enticing vocals to create a song that infuses with your memory. Subtle rock and brash pop with a monster hook gives turns the listener into a fan with the panache and snark of a true future superstar.

About ‘Dope’

‘Dope’ was originally envisioned as a blues-based song by Hana McCartney. There was a noticeable slowdown compared to the final product. To fit the lyrical content better, Hana decided to make the song faster-paced, darker, and catchier.

“The idea of each song having a drug reference or innuendo was already in my mind when I started writing this album. Taking taboo topics like abusive relationships, substance abuse, addiction, and mental health and personifying them into stories that are relevant to me and others can relate to was my goal,” says Hana McCartney, speaking more in detail about her new record.

The Gen-Z love child of Sky Ferreira and Lana Del Rey from her Ultraviolence era? That’s Hana McCartney. She’ll now be known as the next big thing in indie pop with her brand new single “Dope”, featuring crisp production and captivating instruments.

About Hana McCartney

Among indie pop’s next big things is singer-songwriter Hana McCartney. Throughout her music, you can hear influences from the 1960s rock scene, psychedelic rock, blues rock, and melodic pop. Her passion for music began when she was 17 years old.

A majority of Hana McCartney’s life was spent in Florida. Besides the otherworldly rock history of the Sunshine State (The Doors are among her biggest influences), Hana draws inspiration from her own thoughts. Hana tells stories with her instruments and lyrics based on these inspirations.

A number of big names in the music industry have influenced Hana’s sound, including The Doors, The Beatles, Lana Del Rey, and Amy Winehouse. These legends have always created experimental music, always evolving and changing. Similarly, Hana McCartney aims to push her own music by stepping outside of her comfort zone and trying something completely new.