Helder van der Rock, an English multi-instrumentalist and composer, working a style that blends Progressive Rock, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Electronic Music.

Helder Rock was born in Blackpool (U.K.) and started his steps in music with the age of 6, at 12 entered a Music Academy where studied Classical Guitar and joined several groups of different genres, played Jazz, Hard Rock, New Age and Folk.

Being a loner and always with difficulties on making friendships, possibly due to having A.D.H.D. , the “one man band” or multi-instrumentalist seemed to be the natural way to make his music.

The modern technologies offered endless opportunities to experiment with new sounds. Claims that he doesn’t make Electronic Music, makes Music with assistance of electronic gadgets.

Was nominee for Best Film Composer in the 2016 WIND Film Festival in Hollywood. He also is a soundtrack composer.

About ‘Funky Jazz’

It’s the third track of the recently released E.P. “…all that Jazz” it blends funk and jazz with influences that go from Weather Report to Miles Davis and some Bossa Nova, the idea came from a walk in the busy streets of Manchester where the imagery of city life was transformed into music.

SOURCE: Official Bio