1. Arethusa Herald K 3:43

Herald K writes and sings songs. About seizing the night. About old souls. About witches of antiquity. About weird sisters and gigolos. About temptation. About passion. About love…

ʻMy love for music was awakened in childhood. I listened to a lot of music, and especially Bob Dylan, with my parentsʼ, says Herald K, who used to want to write novels, but came to choose a shorter form – the poem. From there, it didn’t take long before a new transition came about: He took to the guitar, and poems soon became songs. The wide field of ʻAmericanaʼ serves as inspiration, but in a place where one could also encounter people like Leonard Cohen, having a drink with Charles Baudelaire. Yet: ʻSimple three-chord songs are often the bestʼ, says Herald K, and refers to one of his favourites – Hank Williams.

The Vienna-based Norwegian singer-songwriter presented his debutalbum ʻStrange Delightsʼ in 2019. On this album he was helped by a cast of excellent instrumentalists from the Vienna scene, including Stephan Steiner (Hotel Palindrone, Harlequin’s Glance, Cantlon) and Katie Kern. Jürgen Plank (Erstes Wiener Heimorgelorchester, The Wichita) contributed to the album as producer. The result: Well-received songs that have found their way to listeners, playlist and radios worldwide.

On the heels of that album release, Herald also gained the opportunity to work with cinematographer Leena Koppe (‘Die Vaterlosen’, ‘Der Boden unter den Füßen’) on a unique music video for his song ‘The Light Of Your Eyes’.

SOURCE: Official Bio