high jump has today released their new song titled ‘CLIIAL’. Standing for ‘Can’t Lose It In A Lifetime’, the song suavely takes that motto and runs through the fields with it naked with a true sense of self.

While the track has a lofi way about it, the song leisurely takes it’s time and gets to know you with it’s valuable message and serenely captivating music to make you a new fan.

About high jump

High jump is a London dream-pop duo who infuse guitar-rooted jams with captivating beats. After forming in 2022 they ignited a collaboration, crafting demos into kinetic, motion-inspired melodies. Debuting with ‘M2K’ in October ’23, they promise more releases in the months ahead.

“CLIIAL was one of the first tracks that Harry wrote for the high jump project, and it started life as a pristine, guitar-led tune. CLIIAL stands for ‘Can’t Lose It In A Lifetime’, and lyrically the song found inspiration in the Robin Williams quote: “You’re only given a little spark of madness – you mustn’t lose it”. This felt like an appropriate mantra at a time when it’s easy or even tempting to let edges smooth. Musically, we knew that we had set the foundations of a really exciting vibe as soon as Rick reworked the groove and vocal arrangement at the heart of the song, during a jam session over the summer. Although the genus of the song was guitar-based, we produced the beat under influence from electronic contemporaries like the Paul brothers and Caroline Polachek, and enjoyed balancing these two worlds within a finished track that feels intriguing without losing any of the kinetics that define our sound.”