Holler has today released their new EP titled ‘Ever Since I Met You’. I love it when an album or EP starts out epic. That’s exactly what I get here. ‘Talk to You’ begins the opus as an announcement. An atmospheric blend of beauty and brilliance recorded for posterity.

You will find a favorite in one of these tracks. Each one has a personality. Four individuals combining as a collective. While ‘Talk To You’ is the introduction, ‘Corner Store’ keeps that momentum while adjusting it’s heading for a deeper feeling. ‘Complicated (In A Boring Way)’ eases into a more ethereal territory with a lucid guitar track and surrounding rhythm.

‘Ever Since I Met You’ is that moment when you found your new favorite band.

About Holler

Fresh off the back of a flurry of tastemaker press and landing the cover of Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’, south coast Indie 4 piece Holler released their hotly anticipated debut EP ‘Ever Since I Met You’.

Mixed by Ben Hillier and mastered by Phillip Marsden the bands sparkling debut EP treads through the bands stylistic, reverb tinted, whimsical and effortlessly infectious indie sound. A melting pot of chorus tinted guitars, warming bass, driving drums and silky, melancholy tinted vocals, the EP displays the band’s uncanny abilities as writers and performers.

Speaking about the EP, the band explained: “This is our proudest body of work to date. We felt an opportunity within this EP to express ourselves with a sense of freedom and creativity. Each track tells its own story and the title track; ‘Ever Since I Met You’, dives deep into Lucas’ mental health struggles along with his process of seeking help and starting medication. We started writing this EP in July of 2022.

When we first started jamming ‘Talk To You’ in rehearsal rooms, the rest of the EP then quickly began to take shape. From writing ‘Corner Store’ and ‘Ever Since I Met You’ in the same week to then a couple of months later we found that we’d written our 4th and final track, ‘Complicated (in a boring way)’. Our most touching and emotionally driven work as of yet. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Slowdive, Inhaler, and Swim School, we are so excited to finally be able to share this EP with you all.”

Having opened for the likes of Corella, Coach Party and Swim School, the band have been building a feverish hype gaining press acclaim from the likes of Clout, 1883, Music Crowns and Clunk. With support across Spotify editorial playlists, the band have already seen their music gain support from BBC Introducing and land a spot on Amazing Radio’s playlist.

Having already demonstrated their potential, Holler continue to grow with the release of their full release, signaling a big end to the year for the 4 piece.