Canadian producer and arranger Hologramme has returned with a fresh single, ‘RW:AK’, on April 19th, 2024 via his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal. The track received early support from notable tastemaker When We Dip. With over 5.2 million streams across various platforms, Hologramme has made significant waves in the music scene.

His performances at prestigious events like Piknic Electronik in Montreal and Timeless Festival in South Africa, where he shared stages with renowned acts such as Royksopp and Tycho, have further solidified his presence. Notably, he headlined the Montreal Jazz Fest in 2022, captivating an audience of over 3000 attendees. Touring alongside acclaimed artists like Fakear and Mome, Hologramme is not slowing down anytime soon.

Hologramme crafts mesmerizing electronica, blending IDM, electronica, and cinematic influences. His captivating live performances, featuring intricate soundscapes and stunning visuals, have earned him international acclaim and collaborations with top artists. His compositions grace films and global campaigns, drawing inspiration from electronic giants like Floating Points and Nicolas Jaar, gaining traction across the globe.

Having had a fairly musical upbringing, studying jazz piano interpretation at university, he left for Berlin in 2018, embarking on an inspirational excursion to the world’s electronic music capital. Here, Clément buried himself in the studio, eventually emerging as Hologramme, with his debut album Felicity in hand. Since then, Hologramme has cemented himself as a truly pioneering producer, capable of blending orchestral and cinematic elements with gritty electronic production.

​​‘RW:AK’ is a high-octane lo-fi house number, a haunting reimagining of his 2020 single, ‘Alaska’ that demonstrates Hologrammes ability to seamlessly weave his way between different genres with each new release. The track begins with a brief passage of ambience, with distorted, provocative synths that whirl and build as larger-than-life hi-hats guide them.

There are hi-fi organic sounds echoing around the stereo image, and a sawtooth stab that ushers in a high-BPM, euphoric drop, sliced with turned up vocal samples. The track is extremely danceable, ready for a festival stage – it is soothing yet full of energy and tension, teetering on the precipice of chaos, but always under control.

SOURCE: Official Bio