Horseshoes has released his new single titled ‘Hide and Seek’. A beautifully crafted and upbeat pop song with a happy hook and pleasant delivery, ‘Hide and Seek’ shows that relationships can be perfectly encapsulated within a few minutes of music with the fun and feeling involved all within a few solid minutes. Perfect.

About ‘Hide and Seek’

Although the song has a light overtone, the message relates to holding onto the past. The song starts off referencing somebody who is scared to be abandoned again – which relates to the overall theme of “Hide and Seek.” Horseshoes is inspired by the playful nature of the relationship he has with his daughter, and infuses that lightheartedness into his music.

About Horseshoes

Austin Greaves is a Washington DC-based musician who performs under the name Horseshoes. He released his debut album, “Desert,” in June of 2022, which was followed up with a single “Come With Me,” released in October 2022. Check out Horseshoes’ new single “Hide and Seek” now available on all streaming platforms!

Featured image by Nancy Breslin.