HottaFire Lava is a Canadian based, Jamaican born MC who was born to spit the heat and create uplifting urban music that unites the world’s streets.

No stranger to adversity or the struggle, HottaFire Lava has dedicated himself to spreading messages of empowerment and opportunity through his take on international urban music. Working within an aesthetic that molds the reggae and dancehall vibes he grew up with to the contemporary sounds of global hip hop culture, HottaFire Lava is able to create a very powerful and accessible sound. On his new album, “North America Dream”, HottaFire Lava is able to explore a unique sonic tapestry which is built on an uplifting and motivating foundation. HottaFire Lava is an MC who believes in purifying with his music, offering his listeners new opportunities to see themselves and their lives through his champion sound.

Across the 14 tracks of “North America Dream”, HottaFire Lava enlists the help of Empress C Lava, Rozzi Bon Ton, Wippa Demus, Marcus and Kaycallax. Along with these rising talents, HottaFire Lava is able to create a truly memorable album which is sure to excite fans of urban music around the world. Like a lion on the hunt, this a sound boy on the move and on his new album “North America Dream”, you can get a clear sense of this young artist’s tenacity and dedication. Chocked to the brim with boastful toasts, harmonic reflections and gritty rhymes, this is island music first and foremost, but in HottaFire Lava’s skillful hands it becomes international music: the sound of triumph, revolution and purification.

As real as an AK-47 and as visceral as the warm ocean waves splashing you in the face, “North America Dream” is brilliant statement that is meant to invigorate, motivate and exhilarate. All fans of contemporary urban music and especially those who enjoy the bass heavy, patois infused sounds of reggae and dancehall will gravitate towards this release and find common cause in HottaFire Lava’s expansive take on the traditional sounds of his native Jamaica.

Be sure to check out HottaFire Lava’s new album, “North America Dream” and check out this rising talent as he lights up the dance near you!