The Internet, which, many claim, has all but destroyed the music industry, has enabled music of countless independent artists to flourish. Online-based music production studio, GoranGrooves, has seized the opportunity to break physical borders by helping music makers from around the globe record, produce and mix their craft. Founded by session drummer / producer / audio engineer Goran Rista, they have been bringing world-class sound quality to singers/ songwriters, musicians and producers alike for the last 7 years.

What started as a modest personal recording setup in Rista’s bedroom in order to work on his own musical ideas, grew into a whole range of music production services aimed at independent music community around the world. Rista recalls: “When computers, software and recording equipment finally become capable and affordable, it was the beginning of a renaissance period for me. I soon realized that there had to be many folks out there who didn’t have access to or could not afford professional session drummers. Nobody should HAVE to use substitutes for real drums! They would have greatly benefited from my skills as a drummer and engineer, but we would have never crossed paths in everyday life.”

It was this mission that led Rista to turn to the online world in order to reach those in need of real drums, making their own music.

Since those modest beginnings, Rista has converted part of his home into professional recording studio, also fulfilling the needs of Miami’s local music scene.

GoranGrooves now encompasses a number of services necessary to bring music ideas into professionally-produced releases. Guitars, basses, keyboards and horns are recorded by a small group of hand-picked, self-sufficient session musicians, while Rista also takes care of production and professional audio mixing.

In the past, recording and releasing music needed large recording studios equipped with expensive gear requiring big budgets reserved for those signed with major record labels.

These days anybody can begin making music from home on a very modest budget.

Grooves Recording Studio- where music magic takes place (PRNewsFoto/GoranGrooves)
Grooves Recording Studio- where music magic takes place (PRNewsFoto/GoranGrooves)

However, while there is a plethora of digital audio tools and virtual instruments available, the difference that experienced session musicians, producers and audio engineers can bring to a music project can’t be emphasized enough. Any music project can greatly benefit by utilizing help from music production professionals.

Unfortunately, local access to highly skilled music production professionals may not be possible everywhere. That’s where GoranGrooves come in. Their clientele comes from all parts of the world with the same need: to record high quality music on a budget. While doing their own pre-productions, independent artists now have online access to highest quality professionals that can push their projects to another level.

Rista is confident that independently produced and released music often sounds superior to that of current major label releases. He explains:

“Major record labels are directly responsible for constantly- deteriorating sound quality of music due to their senseless, ill-informed loudness war for the past 3 decades. We don’t follow their hyper-compression trend. Thanks to technology breakthroughs by Apple, Spotify and others who are now automatically lowering the playback volume of those squashed, distorted and ultra-loud releases, dynamic music such as what we produce, stands head and shoulders above them with clarity, depth, punch and warmth.”

“The future belongs to independent artists with entrepreneurial skills willing to evolve and take advantage of technology while connecting directly with their followers.”