YouTube is still sweet on Kelly Hall-Tompkins. She’s attracted more than half a million views on her YouTube channel’s “Imagination” recording project, and the numbers keep climbing. Now featured as a guest speaker for various organizations, Hall-Tompkins is fielding requests for radio interviews, along with keeping up a busy touring schedule.

Hall-Tompkins, New Yorker, South Carolina native, violin virtuoso, and philanthropist, has been hailed worldwide for her mastery of her instrument, her intensity, and her complete command of performance.

Her new Collector’s Edition DVD is a music video album following her latest recording “Imagination”, which STRINGS Magazine calls “ground-breaking,” “sumptuous” and “a potent package.” It includes a fanciful, masterful arrangement of “Pure Imagination,” the whimsical and sweet banner song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and is already a favorite.

“Everybody recognizes ‘Pure Imagination’ by the first three notes,” says Hall-Tompkins. “There’s a lot of color, a lot of candy. It’s a metaphor for manifesting big things in your life.”

Choosing Ysaye Solo Sonata #6 to headline her Collector’s Edition was an easy pick. Hall-Tompkins had already performed Sonata #3 and had anticipated this one next.

Elaborating on the eccentric and cross-period, cross-style writing style of Ysaye, Hall-Tompkins paints a picture of a deep, electric piece of music. Impressionist, flamenco, modern – all intertwined in one sonata.

“A whole world… on the head of a pin,” Hall-Tompkins says. And she shows full honor to the sonata by playing it flawlessly and passionately.

Described as “Impressive” (Strad Magazine) and “Visionary” (STRINGS Magazine), Hall-Tompkins was awarded the Naumburg International Violin Competition Honorarium Prize and boasts worldwide tours and concerts with award-winning groups of artists such as the Dallas Symphony, Chamber Orchestra of New York, the Philharmonic of Uruguay and the Jacksonville Symphony.

The DVD experience is one that is innovative, engrossing, entertaining, and inspiring. Viewers should expect to be entranced by the beautifully-directed cinematography accompanying Hall-Tompkins performance.

“It was a really tremendous opportunity to bring a visual representation to classical music, and to bring it to life in a whole new way,” said Hall-Tompkins. “Very communicative, really powerful.”

Ms. Hall-Tompkins’ DVD Collector’s Edition can be purchased at her website,, and a signed copy via the link provided on her YouTube Channel.

About Kelly Hall-Tompkins
An avid proponent of music for the masses, Hall-Tompkins founded Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul, a non-profit program aimed at bringing chamber music to the homeless population in New York City and was featured in the New York Times. Presenting more than 100 artists, the series performs regularly for those that normally could not attend a concert. She is passionate about her charity, and shares her love of music as a tribute to those that shared music with her as a young artist.