1. Dream (featuring Deepa George & Tom Verghese) Jacob Chacko, Deepa George, and Tom Verghese 3:29

After taking a significant break from music (over fifteen years), decided to give it another swing. Based out of New Milford, New Jersey, USA, recorded a ten-song debut album “Better Now or Never”. Influences from blues, rock, folk, pop, laced with melodies and harmonies. It took about six months to record the entire album at my home studio, with the help of my sound engineer, Les Lovell (The Music Factory – Englewood, NJ).

I strongly believe that we should make everyday count and not to take anything for granted. My motivation for doing this project is to bring a little joy and comfort, especially during these challenging times. I believe that it is never too late to pursue your passion and to go for it without reservation.

SOURCE: Official Bio