UK based Singer/Songwriter Jahna Sebastian and The Lost Enemy’s hot new single “One And A Million” is now available on iTunes. Jahna Sebastian collaborated with The Lost Enemy (which consists of three emcees/rapper Snowman, Denero and Boogie) a few months back and released the music video for “One And A Million”, which debuted on popular hip hop website All Hip Hop. The video was directed and edited by Kevin Hudson and garnered nearly 36,000 views.

Ms. Sebastian and The Lost Enemy met at a live show and immediately connected becoming part of the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sounds Crew. With the group’s talents in mind the sultry singer produced arranged, recorded and mixed and wrote the chorus for “One And A Million” in her London studio Multivizion Music. “One And A Million” with its catchy hook and powerful beats is already buzzing in the streets of London. With the sultry singers strong vocals and The Lost Enemy’s urban flavor and lyrical content, this inspirational song has the potential to become a bona fide smash. The track will appear on Ms. Sebastian’s and The Lost Enemy’s upcoming projects respectively.

The lovely songstress stated when asked about the song: “One And A Million” it is about personal motivation, the power of being able to make a big change and raise from nothing to something if you believe in yourself. The courage to break free from limitations and living to the fullest. I had a few times when I had to start over from scratch and in order to make it, instead of dwelling on that one way to lose, I chose to focus on finding all the ways to win. If one door is closed, many more are open. It is about the choices we make.”

About Jahna Sebastian
Jahna Sebastian who was classically trained on piano and earned her degree in “Music Business” at the age of 20 at the prestigious Russian Academy of Music is a multifaceted power house of talent. With her sultry vocals, captivating lyrics, hypnotic beats and exotic beauty she is a force to be reckon with. Not only is she an amazing singer and songwriter, she is an accomplished producer and engineer as well as the owner of a recording studio, Multivizion Music which since its inception has become the nucleus of Russian rap and grime scene in London. She has engineered and produced for many artist including the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron who was named Discovery of the Year at the Russian GQ awards.

Ms. Sebastian continues to pursue music while raising her daughter born in 2008 (whose father is American super producer Swizz Beatz) and for three years she had been mostly working behind the scenes juggling motherhood and work. After producing and engineering a few hundred songs for other artists, releasing her “Emancipation EP” in 2009 and a few other songs independently, filming three music videos and acting in three short movies, a feature film “Reversed” release in 2012 and numerous commercials, she is focusing on her solo career and upcoming projects. She has an astonishing track record of hundreds of songs including recording entire album by Oxxxymiron “Vechniy Jid” which had been rated Best Rap Album of 2011 in Russia and nominated for Russian Urban Music Awards. She is currently working on her upcoming album and collaborating with other artist on their projects.