James Salvato has released his new video for the Marxman produced track titled ‘We Don’t Dance (Fiasco)’. Suave with swagger and snark as social commentary, James Salvato hits the nail on the head with the hammer meant for the heads of those who put us hear, we get the message that their lust for power conflicting with our love for each other is what the eternal virus that plagues us all really is.

‘We Don’t Dance (Fiasco)’ is commentary that does not get lost in the beat, rhythm, or hook. It is a statement that needs to be ingested and not merely locked into a time capsule for future generations. Activism now has an anthem.

About ‘We Don’t Dance (Fiasco)’

Whilst the content is challenging, the tracks sits on a quirky and infectious beat produced by Marxman.

James said:

“The song is about how Covid divided the United States into two sides on numerous topics. I feel the news and media is to blame for all of that. Throughout the pandemic and race riots, the media has helped heighten fear and division. They’ve not been as honest as they should have been, and dare I say manipulate us for personal gain.”

The result is aptly named song “We Don’t Dance”.

James’ message has been made clear, “come together and stop letting the media divide us”.