Jamie Beale has released his new single titled ‘King Godzilla’. With a more percussive and somewhat funkier tone than it’s predecessor, ‘King Godzilla’ channels the likes of vintage Stevie Wonder with a modern flair and a clear story to behold.

Musically, the song gives as much as it gets from influence, making something original from an original artist. that sweet mix of beat and bravado from an artist who loves what he does. And, while Jamie himself says this song is about exploring identity, you will leave the song feeling like you’ve found yourself.

Speaking about the single, Beale says:
“King Godzilla is a track that explores identity. For a while I was really interested in this idea of ‘finding ourselves’. As an artist, I’ve spent a lot of my life exploring who I am as a songwriter and a person, but due to our own interpretation of ourselves and each other, largely influenced by our upbringing, conditioning and our own egos, it’s so easy to have this picture of ourselves clouded and morphed, for better or for worse.

I suppose I’ve landed on the idea that all we have to do in order to find ourselves is to just be and let others be, and to try and remain as present and as honest with ourselves as we can. So the less we try, and the more we just allow ourselves to live day by day without carrying around judgement or attachment to the way we think we should be, or others should be, the closer we become to acceptance and this idea of being at peace or free in our own bodies and minds.

The chorus of the song expresses that it’s never too late to get on the right track, whatever the hell that means for each of us!”

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About Jamie Beale

Following up on the release of his acclaimed debut single ‘Borderline’, comes ‘King Godzilla’, the latest single from songwriter Jamie Beale, set for release on July 29th.

Beale has an array of musical achievements under his belt; as vocalist and songwriter of Bristol-based rock band Novatines he’s toured the UK and Europe extensively and has received international radio play on BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and Radio X.

Written after a whirlwind year, and during an increasingly isolated period of his life, King Godzilla, taken from his debut album due later this year, sees Beale exploring the idea of identity, both creatively and personally.

Self produced and engineered by Katie May from Real World Studios, King Godzilla pulls you in immediately with a seductive mix of dream-pop, funk and psychedelia that engulfs you in rich sonic textures, funk-heavy guitar lines and serene vocal melodies with energetic splashes of disco strings thrown in for good measure.