Jammerzine has an exclusive video interview with Mia Antifa. Having released their latest album titled ‘Coming Home’ via Hogar Records, Mia Antifa are turning their post COVID career into a strong and solid musical unit from close comrades representing the El Paso, TX music scene to the world.

And, in this interview, we talk with Shua Zermeño, Mickey Valdez, and Jeremy Silva from Mia Antifa about the new album ‘Coming Home’ the songs and stylings therein, and what lies in store for Mia Antifa as well as much more.

About Mia Antifa

To say Mia Antifa began in 2020 is as imprecise as calling them just a punk band. The collaboration of cousins (Shua Zermeño and Mickey Valdez) and friends (Erik Duran and Jeremy Silva), Mia Antifa is built on relationships and sonic references formed through familial ties and years of collaboration in the El Paso, TX music scene—whole lifetimes weaving in and out of each other’s orbits.

Coming Home, their first full-length record out on Hogar Records, is composed of 12 songs that trace the path of these lifetimes, specifically the years leading up to 2020 when lead singer and songwriter Zermeño was struggling with his addictions and, ultimately, trying to lead a sober life. But while lyrically these songs chart the years primarily through Zermeño’s point of view, sonically Coming Home is a collage of sonic gestures that represent both the mutual and individual influences that have shaped each member into the artists they’ve become.