Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Genie from Phasers Engage. Phasers Engage are a band that, while made up of artistic and creative individuals, come together symbiotically to form a cohesive and coherent unit.

With roots in sci-fi and a foundation in the vast universe of the jam-band collectives, Phasers Engage world build with their music and add something to the universe we all live in with substance, solace, and serenity with a music that transcends lyrical content and scores the moment you live and listen.

And, in this interview, we talk with Genie about that substance that is the music of Phasers Engage, their new album titled ‘Departure Initiated’ (listen below), as well as their roots and where they are headed and what the future holds.

About Phasers Engage

Phasers Engage is the crew of the interdimensional subspace vessel The Transcendence. This ship is actuated by their music and allows the crew to travel to new states of existence. Departure Initiated tells of the members finding each other outside of their normal states of reality, their journey together to get through what lies ahead (including, of course, a boss battle), and finally their discovery of The Transcendence. Their departure is initiated and they set forth, unbound, toward adventure.