Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with most of the members of the band Press Your Luck. Having recently released their new video for the track ‘Mementos’, Press Your Luck is one of those family units that make the music on their own terms and, in doing so, define their fanbase as well as their music. This is what you want, when forming a band. You want that fan base that ‘gets it’.

And, in today’s interview, we see the members of Press Your Luck and how well they ‘get it’. We talk about the new videos as well as upcoming music and much, much more.

About Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck, out of Detroit, MI., is Ricky Fries (vocals), Jim Ash (rhythm guitar), Brandon Howcroft (lead guitar), Nick Thibodeau (drums) or “Thibby” for short, Nick Steadman (bass) aka “Steady”.

Fries says, “’Mementos” was written at a turbulent time in my life. It felt like everything I knew had gotten flipped upside down all at once. I wasn’t sure who I was anymore or what was right or wrong. I felt a bit crazy, to be honest and I think that frustration shines through in the finished piece.”

Press Your Luck’s “Mementos” single was developed while they were listening to a lot of bands like Superheaven, Movements, Balance and Composure and Anxious. This, in turn, inspired, “A bit more moody and heavy feeling stuff.” Says Fries, “My natural inclination when writing is very straightforward “major key” stuff, so I like listening to things with a little more grit to mix it up a bit inside the brain.”

“Mementos” was recorded by Dave Miseveth and mixed/mastered by Lance Prenc at Tuxedo Ave Recordings in Roseville, Michigan.