Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Saint Samuel, with the added bonus of getting to premiere his new video titled ‘Like You Like That’, with both the single and video dropping tomorrow (August 11).

Saint Samuel, while having a relatively new career in regards to music, has already shown that his songwriting skills have outclassed those that have been in the scene for years.

What’s more, check out the new video that we’re premiering below and you can see that he follows the one rule most new artists forget or overlook: they find their brand. Yes, that’s right. Musicians that want to last and make a living at this MUST realize that they have to become a brand. It’s as quick a way to remembrance and recognition as the music is.

And, in this interview, we talk with Samuel about finding one’s self musically and how to grow said brand and find that signature sound as well as get pretty personal and humorous (sorry Gina!)in an interview that reall turns into a conversation between good friends.

‘Like You Like That’

About Saint Samuel

Sam McCoig, also known as Saint Samuel, is a self-produced, singer-songwriter based out of Richmond, VA., who has new, fun and thought-provoking, pop-rock single and video, “Like You Like That” dropping August 11, 2023.

“Saint Samuel is an alter-ego,” says McCoig. “He’s not separate from me, but he’s not who I am when I’m living my daily life. He’s what I look like without inhibitions or consequences or insecurities holding me back.”

“Like You Like That” is the product of a conversation between two best friends. Stuck in a “situationship” with a young man enamored by him, Sam found himself complaining to his best friend and co-writer, Emily Bruzzo, about the absence of “love at first sight” in this new romance. “You just don’t like him like that, ” Emily explained. This conversation was the genesis of Saint Samuel’s new single, a story far too relatable to the modern 20-something.

Saint Samuel and Emily were inspired by their use of ChatGPT for the music video concept. The songwriting duo found themselves envisioning how the artificial intelligence platform would respond to questions about how to tell a romantic partner you don’t share the same feelings.

What would happen if ChatGPT could actually go on a date? Known in his personal circle for his often “robotic” responses to emotional situations, the idea of asking Sam to navigate a date with ChatGPT opened an entire world of possibilities.

Saint Samuel is signed to Dog Brothers Records, a division of Unleashed Music.